Bridging The Gap In Neurologic Disease To Ensure The Work We Do Reflects The People We Serve

Our Scholarships

Diversity among physicians, including neurologists is important for delivering optimal healthcare. Research suggests that increasing minority representation among healthcare providers can lead to better outcomes for minority patients, through factors like increased cultural competency (the ability to understand and interact with people of various cultural backgrounds), which is critical for decreasing disparities and improving health outcomes.

The Joi Life Foundation believes in empowering the next generation of neurologists and neuroscientists. We offer travel and book scholarships for medical students and residents pursuing careers in neurology.

Travel Scholarship

Applying for residency can be financially taxing. From applications to lodging and travel, the debt can increase very quickly. Medical students and residents often limit the number of applications and programs they apply to simply because they can’t afford it. This $1000.00 stipend is designated for medical students entering neurology residency and residents entering fellowship to offset the costs of application fees, travel and lodging to and from residency and fellowship interviews.

Book Scholarship

The cost of medical books can quickly add up for medical students. This $250 stipend is for medical students entering neurology residency and is designed to help offset the cost of textbooks and other necessary medical equipment.


Joi Life Foundation will host our annual fundraising gala, providing food, fun, and networking with the mission to raise money to help fund our programs and initiatives.

Other Educational Initiatives coming soon:

  • Roundtable discussions
  • Mentorship Opportunities

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Joi Life Foundation's Roundtable 

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Brain Chats with the Nerdy Neurologist

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