An Evening of the Arts: 
Music for the MIND
Fundraising Gala
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6 PM-10 PM ET
The Inaugural GALA for the Joi Life Foundation will honor Neuroscientists, Patient Advocates, and others who have contributed to the field of Neurology to improve outcomes for those affected by MS and other neurologic diseases. We will also honor our Scholarship recipients from the future Neurology workforce. This celebration will be highlighted by talented artists including members of the MS community. JLF will not only be raising awareness about MS, but also raising funds for scholarships for future neuro scientists, educational programs focused on patient and care partner empowerment, wellness practices, and the importance of research participation
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Tyler Campbell

We are thrilled to present our esteemed host for the evening Tyler Campbell.

Campbell is an entrepreneur in his own right. From a husband and father to a MS Ambasador, radio host, and best selling author, he is continuously delivering empowering and inspiring messages of self-worth throughout the country. We are so excited to have him joining us as our master of ceremonies during this special night.

TiWanna “TK” Kenney

We are honored to have TiWanna Kenney as the auctioneer for the evening.

TiWanna “TK” Kenney is charismatic, witty, and full of energy- TK is the fearless hero we’ve all cheered on. She leads with passion to inspire bidders and donors to give unabashedly. She is a U.S. Army veteran, connector of people, and loves to solve problems, making her an excellent consultant. Her presence is commanding and draws in the audience. She has lived all over the globe and loves exploring different cultures. Inspiring change and service are her passions. Allow TK's voice to be the one to help passion persuade philanthropy. Her goal is to make sure guests leave motivated by your mission, how to advocate, and share your why.

Our 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Dr. Deborah Rose
2023 JLF Scholar
"My long term goals are to Implement safeguards in clinic and provide comprehensive education about pertinent resources and services for patients who are vulnerable to structural and social disadvantages, which may interfere with consistent rehabilitation and cognitive therapy."
Britney Pitter
2023 JLF Scholar
"My ultimate career goal is to become a well-rounded neurologist, providing compassionate, comprehensive, and evidence-based patient care."
Christine Petit-Frere
2023 JLF Scholar
"My goals are to provide exceptional healthcare by working hard to serve the community, strategizing with a team for better health outcomes, and remaining compassionate throughout it all."
Danielle Pitter
2023 JLF Scholar
"Despite all the barriers, financial, familial, and physical, I have faced, I worked very
hard to get to this point of becoming a neurologist. It would be amazing to have the support of this scholarship to get a head-start on starting my future as a physician."

An Evening of the Arts 
will also honor amazing Neurologists that have paved the way over the years...

The Innovator Award

Mary Hughes, MD
In honor of your relentless pursuit of innovation in the field of Neurology, we proudly present you with this prestigious award. Your groundbreaking contributions have not only advanced the boundaries of medical knowledge but have also revolutionized patient care, inspiring hope and improving the lives of countless individuals.

The Vanguard Award

Patrick Griffith, MD
The Vanguard Award celebrates the remarkable achievements of an individual whose groundbreaking contributions have significantly advanced the field of neurological medicine. Through their pioneering efforts, they have not only transformed the lives of countless individuals living with neurological conditions but have also paved the way for continued innovation and progress in the quest for better treatments and ultimately, cures.

The Impact

Victoria Reese
The Impact Award for Patient Advocacy in Neurology recognizes an extraordinary individual whose unwavering dedication and passionate advocacy have significantly enhanced the lives of patients and families affected by neurological disorders. This prestigious accolade honors those who tirelessly work to amplify the voices of patients, champion their rights, and drive positive change within the neurological community.                       

JLF Fundraiser 
“An Evening of the Arts”

Empower the Next Generation of Neurologists through the Joi Life Foundation
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