Joi Life Foundation
Executive Leadership

Meet The Founders

Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams-Brown
Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Mitzi Joi WIlliams-Brown is a Board-Certified neurologist and Fellowship trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. Dr. Mitzi is passionate about educating and empowering people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and other neurologic diseases to understand the disease process and the goals of treatment.

She collaborates with national and international committees to advocate for people living with MS and encourage partnerships between patients and with their healthcare teams to improve shared decision making to combat this disease. She also is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of research participation and encouraging diversity in clinical research.

As a Multiple Sclerosis expert and Diversity and Inclusion thought leader, Dr. Williams offers engaging and informative talks about Multiple Sclerosis risk factors, symptoms and management as well as more specialized topics such as MS in the African-American population.

She also discusses general neurology topics such as Stroke and raises awareness about the importance of understanding research and increasing diversity in clinical trials.
L. Bernard Brown,
Founder, CEO
Bernard Brown is a leader and innovator with over 10 years of experience in business management and entrepreneurship. He has served as Founder and CEO of several companies including, American Freight Logistics and Alpha Total Landscaping and worked in a variety of fields in the service industry. His expertise in management, team building, and strategic implementation has greatly facilitated his transition to the healthcare industry as Practice Manager of the Joi Life Wellness Group Neurology Clinic. He focuses on serving the Neurology patient community and supporting efforts to improve health equity.
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